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English 9: Review: Practice
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I. Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. What are ............... ? ............... are his arms.
A. their
B. this
C. those
D. them
2. How are they ............... ? By airplane.
A. travels
B. traveling to Paris
C. tralve
D. travel to Paris
3. My friend ............... a long hair.
A. have
B. is having
C. am having
D. has
4. ............... is she doing? She’s washing dishes.
A. Which
B. How
C. Where
D. What
5. You should take a look at ............... to see a direction when you go on street.
A. a road sign
B. a traffic jam
C. a policeman
D. a traffic light
6. You ............... take my dictionary.
A. is canning
B. be
C. are
D. can

V. Odd one out

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others:

A. thin
B. big
C. light
D. finger
A. fat
B. arm
C. palm
D. car

II. Stress

III. Error recognition

III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

It’s half past four in the morning. Mr. Bill is a truck driver and he is going to a farm. Mr. Bill is arriving at the farm. A farmer is waiting for him. Mr. Bill and the farmer are loading the truck with vegetables. Mr. Bill is driving to New York city. He is taking the vegetables to the market.

1. What does Mr. Bill do?
A. a businessman
B. a policeman
C. a truck driver
D. a teacher

2. Where is he going at half past four in the morning?
A. a store
B. a farm
C. a market
D. a school

3. Who is waiting for him?
A. a farmer
B. a boy
C. his wife
D. his neighbour

4. Where is he taking the vegetables to?
A. the school
B. the store
C. the supermarket
D. the market

II. Filling gaps

II. True/False statement

IV. Fill in the blank

IV. Supply the correct form of the words in the brackets:

(Be)   your sister studying Math?
Listen! The girls (play)   the piano.
My mother is a doctor. She has a (difficulty)   job.
It is very (danger)   for children to play on roads.
(Farm)   work on a farm.

II. Rewrite

V. Write complete sentences from words/phrases given:

1. He / wait / the movie / now.

2. I / listen / music / while / she / dance.



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