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English 9: Unit 10: Life on other planets

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. Many scientists say that if people see a UFO, it ............... an aircraft.
A. might be
B. must be
C. D & A are correct
D. may be

2. In 1978, a young pilot and his plane ............... after sighting a UFO.
A. appeared
B. disappeared
C. claimed
D. existed

3. If you were on board now, you ............... experience those marvelous things.
A. are
B. will
C. would
D. could

4. What do UFOs mean? They mean that:
A. Identified Flying Objects.
B. Unidentified Fly Objects.
C. Unidentified Flying Object.
D. Unidentified Flying Objects.

5. You wish you would take a space trip. Start to dream now and your dream ............... come true some day.
A. C & B are correct
B. might
C. may
D. will
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