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English 9: Unit 6: The environment

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

More than two hundred years ago, the term ‘environmental pollution’ was quite strange to people. They lived healthily, drank pure water, and breathed fresh air. Nowadays, the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worried about things that are happening to the environment. Actually it is man that is destroying the surrounding with many kinds of waste. Everybody knows that motorbikes and cars emit dangerous gases that cause poisonous air and cancer, but no one wants to travel on foot or by bicycle. Manufacturers know that wastes from factories make water and soil polluted, but they do not want to spend a lot of their money on treating the waste safely. Scattering garbage is bad for our health, but no one wants to spend time burying it. Is it worth talking a lot about pollution?

1. More than two hundred years ago ............... .
A. the environment was polluted as much as it is today
B. people knew nothing about environmental pollution
C. people were faced with pollution
D. air was polluted badly

2. Nowadays, many people are concerned about ............... .
A. the wastes from the factories
B. the polluted water
C. the environmental pollution
D. the poisonous air

3. According to the passage, people know that motorbike and cars emit dangerous gases ............... .
A. so they prefer travelling by bicycles
B. but they still prefer travelling by motorbikes and cars
C. and they enjoy travelling on foot
D. so they do not travel by motorbikes and cars

4. Factory owners ............... .
A. don’t treat industrial wastes safely
B. pollute water and soil
C. know nothing about pollution
D. spend a lot of money on treating wastes

5. Which of the followings is not true?
A. Water is now heavily contaminated by industrial waste
B. It’s harmful for our health if rubbish is spread over our areas.
C. People have no awareness of the dangerous of pollution
D. In former days, people led a healthy life.
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