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English 8: Unit 14: Wonders of the world

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Hoa, Lan and her cousin Nhi were bored, so Lan suggested that they play a game called 20 Questions. She explained the rules and then the girls started to play. Lan thought of a place and she gave the others a clue by saying that it wasn’t in Asia. Nhi found out the place was in New York. Hoa thought it was the Golden Gate Bridge, but that is in San Francisco. Nhi was right when she said it is the Statue of Liberty.

1. How did they feel?
A. tired
B. happy
C. exciting
D. bored

2. What did Lan suggest?
A. to listen to music
B. play a game
C. to go a club
D. to dance

3. She gave the others a clue by saying that it wasn′t in ................
A. Asia
B. New York
C. San Fransisco
D. Viet Nam

4. Where did Nhi find out the place?
A. Ha Noi
B. Amsterdam
C. Mexico
D. New York

5. What is the right answer?
A. Twin Towers
B. Phong Nha Cave
C. the Golden Gate Bridge
D. the Statue of Liberty
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