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English 10: Unit 12: Music

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Pop Music has always been influenced by other forms of music. An important form is folk music.
Folk songs are the songs composed and sung by country people. The songs may be hundreds of years old, so nobody knows who originally composed them. Modern music is often music for dancing. In Britain it was traditionally played with instrument like flute, accordion, etc.
In the 1950s and 1960s the people who wrote songs and played them with acoustic guitars were also folk singers. The songs were often 'protest songs', complaining of bad things happening in society.

1. Which form of music is pop music mainly influenced by?
A. rock 'n' roll
B. classical music
C. jazz
D. folk music

2. Who were folks songs composed by?
A. countryside people
B. modern musicians
C. old singers
D. city people

3. According to the passage, what is modern music often used for?
A. singing only
B. forming pop music
C. playing with guitars
D. dancing

4. In the 1950s, what did people play folk songs with?
A. drums
B. flutes
C. guitars
D. pianos

5. Why are folk songs called ′protest songs′?
A. Because they complain about bad things happening in society.
B. Because they are hundreds of year old.
C. Because they are sung by country people.
D. Because nobody knows who originally composed them.
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