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English 12: Unit 3: Ways of socialising

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

When Doreen got her first job at an engineering company in England, she was told, 'You'll never earn a proper salary because you are a woman.' Doreen had a good degree in physics but she wasn't surprised. It seemed normal in those days that good jobs in industry were only for men. But everything has changed. Now she is 54, Doreen is earning a very good salary, and she is still moving up in her career. The key to Doreen’s success is that she has never stopped learning. She went back to school almost as soon as she graduated because she wanted to work in the new transistor industry. After several different jobs, she moved to an American company called Texas instrument. She has worked there since 1972, and now she is a principal engineer. Doreen said, 'People don't know how to treat me!'.

1. Who is Doreen?
A. She is a chemical engineer.
B. She is a physical engineer.
C. She is a mechanical engineer.
D. She is a civil engineer.

2. When she got her first job she didn’t get a big salary because ............... .
A. all are correct
B. she didn't intelligent enough to do the job
C. she was a woman
D. she didn't get a good degree

3. Where is she working now?
A. In England
B. In France
C. In Italy
D. In America

4. Now, Doreen is ................
A. moving up in her career
B. (1) & (2) are correct
C. still getting a low salary
D. getting a very good salary

5. Doreen succeeds in her job because ............... .
A. she want to work in the new transistor industry
B. she has never stopped learning
C. all are correct
D. she has changed several differential jobs
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