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English 10: Unit 11: National parks

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Parks in our country are wonderful playgrounds and millions of people visit them every year. There are places where you can camp without charge or you can rent a room in a hotel. You can take long walks in the forests, take boat trips, or climb mountains. You are not allowed to hunt in the parks, so there are many wild animals. You can fish in the streams of most of the parks. The park keepers sometimes go with the visitors on walks to tell them about the animals, plants, and mountains. They also have programmes and talks in the hotels so that people many learn all about the park and the things that are in it.

1. The word ′them′ in sentence 6 refers to ................
A. park keepers
B. animals
C. visitors
D. parks

2. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. We can hunt in the parks.
B. There are many animals in the park.
C. We can walk and have talks with the park keepers.
D. We are allowed to fish in most of the parks.

3. We can camp in the parks ................
A. it we visit them every year
B. with a small fee
C. without having to pay anything
D. if we rent a room in a hotel

4. Which of the following activities is not mentioned in the passage?
A. go for a walk
B. go skiing
C. go climbing
D. go by boat

5. The word ′streams′ is closest in meaning to ................
A. lakes
B. big seas
C. ponds
D. small rivers
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