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English 8: Unit 12: A vacation abroad

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Mrs. Smith: Hello.
Mrs. Quyen: Sandra, it’s Quyen. I’m calling from Ha Noi.
Mrs. Smith: Hello, Quyen. This is a nice surprise!
Mrs. Quyen: Thanh and I are coming to San Francisco on Monday.
Mrs. Smith: That’s wonderful! Would you like to come and stay with us while you’re in town?
Mrs. Quyen: That’s very kind of you, but we’re coming on a tour. Our accommodation is included in the ticket price.
Mrs. Smith: Then you must come over for dinner one night.
Mrs. Quyen: Yes, we’d love to but we’ll only be in town for three nights. We leave on the 28th.

1. Where does Mrs. Quyen calling from?
A. Ha Noi
B. Ho Chi Minh
C. Australia
D. England

2. When do they come?
A. on Sunday
B. on Monday
C. at the weekend
D. on Saturday

3. Do they accept Mrs. Smith′s invitation?
A. Yes, he is
B. No, they aren't
C. Yes, they do
D. No, they don't

4. How long do they stay there?
A. three nights
B. 3 days and 1 night
C. one week
D. three days

5. What date do they leave?
A. on the first
B. on the 25th
C. on the 11th
D. on the 28th
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