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Lớp 7: Unit 7: The world of work

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Uncle: Eat your breakfast, Hoa. It′s half past six. You′ll be late for school.
Hoa: I won′t be late, uncle. I′m   early. Our classes start at 7.00.
Uncle: And what time do your classes finish?
Hoa: At a quarter past eleven. Then in the afternoon I do my homework. That takes about two hours   day.
Uncle: You work   hard, Hoa. When will you have a vacation?
Hoa: Our summer vacation starts in June. It lasts for   three months.
Uncle: What will you do during the vacation?
Hoa: I′ll go and see Mom and Dad on their farm. I always like helping them. They work very  , but we have fun working together.

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