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Lớp 12: Unit 16: The association of Southeast Asian nations

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. This is something that I find to be really mysterious. When you hear folks talking about surviving a disaster or maybe getting out of a   or a building collapsing or things like this, someone always talks about being led out of this disaster, of this dangerous place by… some voice. And when they leave, they expect to find a person   to this voice—maybe a police officer or some other person who was trapped with them, who was sort of   them out. And every once in a while, they say that they get to where they′re going, and there′s no one there.
Well, one day my friends and I drove out to my aunt′s farm out in Vermont, and, uh, one day, the chickens disappeared from the farm. And we were   what happened to them. So we were questioning what could have happened to those chickens. My brother thought that the chickens might have   off the gate or… and my friend actually thought that maybe a person could have taken the chickens out. And my… my thinking is that maybe one of the mountain   got them—because there are mountain lions out in Vermont, and I′ve seen them. So I think that′s what happened to those chickens. Still, to this day, we don′t know.
Something really mysterious happened to me when I was a kid. There was a woman who lived in our neighborhood. She must have been in her mid-30s. And  , one day, she had white hair. And apparently what happened was her husband suddenly died tragically in a car accident, and apparently, overnight, her hair turned completely white. And she couldn′t do anything to   it back. She tried dyeing it, cutting it, but it remained white. It must have been that she was so upset and full of grief because of her   dying that her hair just changed color. I still don′t understand how that happened.

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