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English 10: Unit 10: Conservation

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

The loss of forest is destroying the earth’s plant and animal variety. Scientists say about 5,000 species of plants and animals are eliminated each year. Man and most animals need a constant supply of water to live. Farmers need water for their crops. Hydroelectric dams hold back needed water and provide power for homes and industries. Trees, grasses, and other plant life play an important part in natural circulation of water, and thus help conserve it.

1. Scientists say about ............... species of plants and animals are eliminated.
A. 500
B. 5500
C. 5200
D. 5000

2. What do man and most animals need to live?
A. food
B. clothes
C. water
D. all are correct

3. What does water provide for homes and industries?
A. beverages
B. power
C. everything
D. life

4. What play an important part in natural circulation of water?
A. other plant life
B. all are correct
C. trees
D. grasses
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