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Lớp 11: Unit 11: Sources of energy

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Should all forms of hunting be banned?
Amy: I think all forms of hunting should be banned because I′m a   and I think eating meat is completely unnecessary so I think it′s cruel, I think it′s unnecessary and I definitely think it should be banned.
Jennifer: I think that forms of hunting should be banned. I think that most hunters are just quite   and that animals aren′t really given a chance to just have a nice free life. It′s not fair to them.
Sarahjane: I don′t think all forms of hunting should be banned. I think within reason it′s not a problem.
Winek: I′m not sure that all forms of hunting should be banned. In some cases it′s actually necessary to allow people to hunt for animals for   reason(s). I′m not so sure about hunting for sport or for pleasure.
Should it be made illegal for parents to smack their children?
Caroline: I don′t think smacking children should be made  . Obviously it′s difficult because parents should be able to discipline their children as they see fit, and a smack on the leg is not the same as physical abuse. But I think ultimately it′s the parents′ right to discipline and bring up their children as they see fit.
Jennifer: No, I don′t think that parents smacking their children should be made illegal. I don′t think that people should smack their children but making it illegal means that it would never be allowed and I think that in some cases children′s   means that that′s the only thing that will get through to them so I think that in very extreme cases, it is probably acceptable.
Winek: I have a very strong opinion about using force or smacking children and I don′t think anyone should be allowed to exercise this, anyone should be allowed to do this because it all comes back.
Should military service be compulsory for all young men and women?
Caroline: I′m not sure if military service should be made compulsory for all young men and women. In my father′s time he did military service and he said actually it made him a   person and developed character and gave him some skills. This day and age we have so many choices that perhaps it should be a choice rather than a compulsory decision. I don′t know. Jury′s out.
Sarahjane: It′s a very tough question but I don′t think that it′s unreasonable to ask all young men to do military service of six months to a year with an option to do   service instead.
Winek: I strongly disagree with the point of view that military service should be compulsory for every man and woman. People should be free and people should have the choice whether they want to join the military forces or not and if they want to be   they should be paid for.

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