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Lớp 10: Unit 1: A day in the life of...

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Mr.
Vy: The   goes off at 4:30. I get up and go down to the kitchen to boil some water for my morning tea. I drink several cups of tea, have a quick breakfast and then lead the buffalo to the field. It takes me 45 minutes to get ready. I leave the house at a quarter past five and arrive in the field at exactly 5:30. I plough and harrow my   of land and at a quarter to eight I take a short rest. During my break I often drink tea with my fellow peasants and smoke local tobacco. I continue to work from a quarter past eight till 10:30. Then I go home, take a short rest and have lunch with my family at 11:30. After lunch I usually take an hour′s  .

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