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Lớp 12: Unit 13: The 22nd SEA GAMES

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Alex: Hi Dave.
Dave: Hi. Have you got a minute?
Alex: Well, I′m rather busy at the moment...
Dave: It′s just that, well, I was just wondering if you′re doing anything tomorrow evening?
Alex: Why?
Dave: Well, I′ve got two   for the Merlin concert and my friend has just phoned to say she can′t come.
Alex: Merlin? Oh, sorry I can′t. I′ve... promised my girlfriend I′d help her fix her new  .
Dave: No  .
Alex: Sorry.
Alison: Hi Dave.
Dave: Hi, er... Alison?
Alison: Yeah.
Dave: Are you free tomorrow night? I′ve got this   ticket for the Merlin concert. Do you want to come?
Alison: Merlin? Oh, what a  . I′m going to see a film tomorrow.
Dave: Oh, never mind.
Alison: Yeah. Another time, maybe.
Pippa: Dave!
Dave: Oh, hello.
Pippa: I′ve heard that you′ve got an extra ticket for the Merlin concert.
Dave: Yes, that′s right.
Pippa: Well, I′d love to come. I   Merlin.
Dave: Wow! That would be great.
Pippa: Okay, so what time shall we meet?
Dave: The   starts at eight.
Pippa: Why don′t we have something to eat before? There′s a   place on the Square. We could meet there at seven.
Dave: Right. Yes.
Pippa: Okay, then, see you tomorrow.
Dave: Right. Yes. Wow!

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