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English 9: Unit 4: Learning a foreign language

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Many English speakers believe that wherever you go on holiday you can communicate by speaking English, so there is no need to learn any other languages. They think if people don't understand you, all you have to do is to speak slowly and loudly. You can do this when you stick to popular tourist resorts and hotels. You can usually find someone who speaks English there.
However, if you want to venture beyond such places, to get to know the locals, to read signs, menus, etc, knowing the local language is necessary. A basic ability in a foreign language will help you to 'get by'. For example, to order food and drink, find your way around, buy tickets, etc. If you have a more advanced knowledge of the language, you can have real conversations with the people you meet. That makes your holiday more interesting.

1. What is not mentioned in the passage?
A. Knowing foreign language helps you to read signs or order food.
B. English speakers don’t like other languages.
C. Knowing English helps you to apply for a job easily.
D. Many English speakers think you just need to use English when travelling.

2. According to the passage, you can use English easily when:
A. The partner understands you.
B. You stick to popular tourist resorts and hotels.
C. You want to know the custom of the region.
D. You get to know the locals.

3. The phrasal verb ′stick to′ means:
A. keep
B. get to
C. go to
D. stay close to

4. According to the passage, if you know well of the language:
A. You can have real conversations with the people you meet.
B. You can communicate with foreigners.
C. You can venture many places.
D. You can buy tickets and food.

5. The phrasal verb ′get by′ in the passage means:
A. connect
B. manage with difficulty
C. communicate
D. master
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