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English 12: Unit 6: Future jobs

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

I’m Christine and I’m teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City. I’m too young to have seen the Viet Nam War on television or to have read about it in time of war. My impressions of Viet Nam have been formed from my own experiences since 2000 when I arrived here as a tourist. I love this land, and that’s why I returned soon later and looked for work. It’s a great time to be in Viet Nam to witness a country in profound change. Doi Moi, an economic policy established in 1986, has encouraged private enterprises. Since then Viet Nam step by step has overcome many difficulties and achieved enormous results – people’s living standards have greatly improved. I learned all about this from my students – when they told me stories about themselves and their families.

1. What′s her job?
A. a biologist
B. an English teacher
C. a director
D. a professor

2. When have her impression of Vietnam been formed?
A. since 2000
B. 3 years ago
C. she arrived Vietnam as a overseas student
D. for 2003

3. Why does she go back Vietnam and look for work?
A. to get married with Vietnamese
B. both are incorrect
C. discovers interesting things
D. loves Vietnam

4. What is Doi Moi?
A. all are correct
B. has encouraged private enterprises
C. an economic policy
D. established in 1986

5. How has Doi Moi reformed Vietnam?
A. has made Vietnam more and more developing
B. make many employments
C. people have a chance to contact foreigners
D. people's living standards have greatly improved
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