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English 8: Unit 9: A first-aid course

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Do you have a special cold remedy which works for you? The most comforting cold remedy for people in western countries might be a bowl of chicken soup. Don't you wonder what Japanese people eat or drink when they caught a cold? When I am getting a cold, I eat a special miso soup with lots of ginger and chopped green onion before I go to bed. It works for me if my cold is not severe. Negi (green onion) and ginger are often used for cold remedies in Japan. Sprinkle extra chopped green onion and grated ginger in miso soup if you would like. Basically, food or liquid which keeps our bodies warm is said to be good. Here are some home cold remedies, which are very common in Japan: tamago-zake (egg and sake rice wine), shoga-yu (hot ginger drink) and o-kayu (rice porridge).

1. People in western countries consider ............... the best cold remedy.
A. ginger
B. negi
C. miso soup
D. chicken soup

2. What does the writer eat when he is getting a cold?
A. C & B are correct
B. a bowl of chicken soup
C. a special miso soup with lots of ginger and green onion
D. a special miso soup with lots of green onion and negi

3. In Japan, green onion is called ............... .
A. shoga-yu
B. o-kayu
C. negi
D. miso

4. How many cold remedies in Japan are mentioned?
A. 3
B. 6
C. 4
D. 5

5. Which kinds of food or liquid are said to be good for cold remedies?
A. all are correct
B. sake rice wine
C. ginger
D. green onion
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