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Lớp 12: Unit 2: Cultural diversity

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. I love to read novels. They are my favorite type of book and I read every night before bed. And it′s a really good way for me to forget about my day and relax and   for sleep. And I find novels the best thing to read because they′re not true and I don′t have to be thinking about historical facts. And I love to find a really good story and just lose   in the story.
I actually prefer thrillers the most, especially legal and criminal thrillers. They really catch my attention and I can read through them quickly. Sometimes they do make me paranoid and start questioning the   of people around me, but for the most part I find them really intriguing and they catch my attention. So they′re the type of books I don′t want to put down and that I can read a lot of in a short amount of time.
My favorite type of book is definitely poetry. There′s something about the way a poet writes, it′s   like music – it′s beautiful and makes me feel love, hate, anger, all sorts of different emotions.
I love romance novels, actually. I love   the compatibility between two people and the chemistry evolve over a while and getting to know characters and see if I feel like they′d be good companions or not and hoping that everything works out in the end, when there′s probably going to be something wrong in the middle.
Books that I like to read are often fantasy books or  . One of the guilty pleasures of mine is Harry Potter. I know I′m 22 and Harry Potter is written for kids, but I love the book just because it′s fantasy. It′s about kids growing up and living in a magical world where they′re wizards and witches, and it′s just something   different than what real life is, and those are the kinds of books I like.
I actually like to read a lot of non-fiction, and I just read a biography about Albert Einstein and I thought it was really an interesting book. It explained why everyone thinks he′s such a genius and all the great   he′s made to the world.

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