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Lớp 12: Unit 5: Higher education

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Yes, I do believe everyone has a soul mate. Haven′t found   yet, but I do believe it because I can see it in my parents. You know, it′s in their eyes. When one goes away, the other one cries and vice versa. Even though they fight and they make up you can definitely see it there. It′s just something in their eyes, and it′s, you know, it′s a beautiful thing how they depend on one another and you know that day by day, in every way, it just keeps   better and better.
I′m not sure if everybody has a soul mate, especially because when you meet someone and, you know, you have to work out a few things in the very beginning, there′s times where you don′t think this person could ever be your soul mate. But as time   and you learn as a human being to kind of give – you know, give in or let go of certain things on your own – that′s when you allow the other person to become, slowly, your soul mate. So I don′t think it′s, like, destined to be. Maybe it is, but I think it just takes a lot of work   two people and in the end, if it does work, then that′s your soul mate.
Well, I would definitely say myself and my boyfriend would be soul mates. We′ve   out for about three and half years and we met in high school. He′s very much my opposite but we′re also so similar, you know, in our souls. And we like a lot of the same things, we′ve introduced each other to new things. Our families like each other, thank goodness. And I would definitely say we were soul mates. And yes, I do believe that soul mates exist and I think it′s important to find the one that′s for you. But I don′t think that people are   to just one.
I don′t believe everyone has a soul mate. Anybody that′s actually been in a relationship will tell you that you need a lot of compromise, you need to have a lot of patience, in order for a   to work. And the idea that there′s someone out there that′s perfect for you – it kind of feels like you′re trying to buy a car, and I just don′t believe that′s the right idea to go into it.
I don′t believe in soul mates. I just don′t believe it. I think there has to be more than one person for everyone, but I think that when people find one of those right people they′re   that they found their soul mate. So I think the people who believe in soul mates are the people who have found somebody that they connect with really well.

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