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English 12: Unit 9: Deserts

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. Finding water in the forest is relatively easy; ............... , the search for water can become somewhat tenuous in the desert.
A. however
B. although
C. though
D. but

2. Carol showed up for the meeting ............... I asked her not to be there.
A. provided that
B. even though
C. because
D. despite

3. ............... I ask him for the money he owes me, he says he will ring it in a few days, but I don’t think he has got it at all.
A. however
B. whatever
C. wherever
D. whenever

4. These dunes are deep red-brown, ............... the sand is pale in the area where Queensland, South Australia and Northern Territory meet.
A. and
B. or
C. for
D. but

5. He’s been studying really hard, ............... he can pass the exams.
A. yet
B. whatever
C. therefore
D. however
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