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English 12: Unit 9: Deserts

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

The tiny village of Frinley is said to possess a “cursed tree”. Because the tree was mention in a newspaper, the number of visitors to Frinley has now increased. The tree was planted near a church fifty years ago, but it is only in recent years that it has gained an evil reputation. It is said that if anyone touches the tree, he will have bad luck; if he picks a leaf, he will die. Many villagers believe that the tree has already claimed a number of victims. The vicar has been asked to have the tree cut down but so far he has refused. He has pointed out that the tree is a useful source of income as tourists have been coming from all parts of the country to see it. In spite of all that has been said, the tourists have been picking leaves and cutting their names on the tree-trunk. So far, not one of them has been struck down by sudden death!

1. The vicar has refused to have the tree cut down since ................
A. he is superstitious
B. he is afraid
C. it earns money
D. it is cursed

2. One of these statements is true. Which one?
A. Tourists are afraid to pick leaves of the tree.
B. Tourists are afraid to cut their names on the tree-trunk.
C. Tourists who have picked leaves haven't died.
D. Tourists who have picked leaves have died.

3. ............... . that Finley has a cursed tree.
A. It said
B. They say
C. It is saying
D. Said

4. If anyone picked the leaves, he ............... die.
A. would
B. would have
C. will
D. shall

5. Tourists have been coming from all parts of the country. They haven′t stopped coming ............... .
A. even
B. still
C. yet
D. more
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