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English 10: Unit 10: Conservation

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. How is the word “circulation” defined?
A. concerning or producing electricity by the power of falling water
B. liquid which flows off or from (something)
C. remove or get rid of completely
D. the movement of something around a closed system

2. Everyone thought he was asleep, but when they looked closely at him, his eyes were ............... .
A. wide open
B. wide
C. too wide
D. wildly opened

3. At that time the table ............... and I decided not to come in.
A. was laid
B. lays
C. lay
D. laid

4. The children ............... to be homeless.
A. was reported
B. reported
C. report
D. were reported

5. Traffic is being ............... from the High Street while the water main is under repair.
A. perverted
B. subverted
C. diverted
D. averted
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