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English 10: Unit 7: The mass media

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Chen likes to get his news from the paper. Lemma turns on the television to find out what's going on in the world. Eve subscribes to more magazines than she can keep track of, whereas Kobi chooses to listen to radio talk shows that cover issues thoroughly to tap into what's going on in the world. All these people are touched by the media.
What is the media? What constitutes the media? The media consists of all the ways that news and information is distributed to a mass audience. The media covers everything from hard news, which is investigative reporting to stories that are purely entertaining, such as whether your favorite movie star was on the "Best Dressed/ Worst Dresser list. Whether in print or broadcast on TV, the stories are the product of the reporting of many journalists who write the stories, and editors who give out the assignments, assess the quality of the writings and researches, and make the decisions about where and when the stories run.
The news has immediate impact. The Internet puts global news onto the personal computer on your desk. Almost all browsers have links to up-to-the-minute news stories from various news services. You can get constant news updates from a variety of sources via your personal computer, providing you with the most up-to-date and in-depth coverage.

1. According to the writer, ...............
A. radio talk shows cover thorough issues.
B. people's life can be changed by the media.
C. people can only get news from the paper.
D. newspapers, magazines, televisions, radios are all the mass media.

2. According to the passage, the media ...............
A. investigates news reports that will be covered.
B. spreads not only news but also entertainment to audiences.
C. only distributes hard news to people.
D. consists of news and information all over the world.

3. Which one of the following is not a responsibility of editors?
A. Assign tasks.
B. Decide when and where the sto¬ries run.
C. Write reports on the stories.
D. Judge the writings and researches.

4. The word ′browsers′ in the last paragraph refers to ...............
A. people who look for information on the Internet.
B. people who design the Web.
C. computer programs that allow users to look at and search through information on the Internet.
D. programs used by computers for doing particular jobs.

5. An advantage of Internet news reports is that ...............
A. they link news from various news services.
B. they can be constantly updated.
C. they can be put onto the personal computer.
D. they provide a variety of information.
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