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Lớp 11: Unit 5: Illiteracy

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Kirsty: So, I want to know all about your new  .
Barbara: Well, his name′s Sam and I met him two weeks ago at a party.
Kirsty: Yeah... and what does he look  ?
Barbara: He′s quite tall and very good-looking.
Kirsty: Yeah?
Barbara: He′s got dark   and he′s quite slim.
Kirsty: He sounds great!
Barbara: Oh... he′s gorgeous!
Kirsty: How old is he?
Barbara: I′m not sure. He′s in his mid-twenties. Yeah, about 24 or 25.
Kirsty: And what does he do?
Barbara: He′s an  . He works for a big company in town.
Kirsty: And what′s he like? Is he nice?
Barbara: Oh Kirsty. He′s fantastic! Really   and funny but quite serious too.
Kirsty: And what   are his eyes?
Barbara: Oh, I don′t know. Let me check.
Kirsty: Ooh, is that his photo? Can I have a look?
Barbara: Well, what do you think?
Kirsty: Yeah... er... he looks...  .

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