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Lớp 8: Unit 14: Wonders of the world

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Q: What is the weather like in your country?
Alissa: In Colombia we only have two types of seasons really. It′s the summer, which is almost, it′s throughout   all the year and the rainy season usually is around August to October. Well, where I come from which is Cali, it is very warm. Er in the mornings, it might be quite   but in the afternoons it gets really hot and then around five o′clock it really cools down and the   come through so it′s very nice. Very pleasant.
Kate: In England, the weather is, not very warm. We do have, maybe, a few weeks of sunshine in the summer, and it rains quite a lot. In England, in the summer, the temperature can get to around 25 degrees Celsius, and then in winter the   can be as low as about 2 degrees Celsius.
Winek: In Poland, the seasons are actually quite distinct. Erm...   can be very hot, err, like this year the temperature was over 35 degrees plus, but normally it′s about 20 something, 25-26. Winters can be er as cold as minus 35 as we had this year as well, but normally it′s below zero.
Jennifer: The weather in Eerie, Pennsylvania where I come from, it   a lot throughout the year. In the wintertime it can be very, very cold and there will be   on the ground for three or four months of the year. The spring and fall are usually warm, and sometimes cold- variable. And in the summertime it can be very hot and summer will   three to four months, too.

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