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English 7: Unit 6: After school

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

It is a quarter past five. The students of Quang Trung school come out of their classrooms. Many of them go home. Some other students sit in the cafeteria and wait for their parents.
The students take part in many different after-school activities. Some students stay at school and play sports. They change their clothes and play soccer or table tennis. Now and then they go swimming.
Not all after-school activities are sports. There is a music and drama society. Members of this group practice playing musical instruments or rehearse for a play.
Some students try to help the community. They learn how to do first aid. They all enjoy working together.

1. ............... students go home after school.
A. All
B. A lot of
C. Some

2. Some students wait in the ............... .
A. classroom
B. community
C. cafeteria

3. A few sporty students ............... go swimming.
A. always
B. usually
C. sometimes

4. ............... of all the after-school activities are sports.
A. Some
B. None
C. All

5. Some students learn first aid to ............... .
A. stay at school
B. have fun
C. help people
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