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English 10: Unit 16: Historical places

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Thien Mu pagoda was built on Ha Khe Hill, on the left bank of the Perfume River. According to the legend, Lord Nguyen Hoang, the founded of the Nguyen dynasty, after being appointed to protect the southern land of the Gianh River, met an old lady in red who showed him a place to set up his headquarters in kim Long village. They were built there and a pagoda was also constructed on the hill where the lady had appeared, and was called Linh Mu (Propitous Lady) or Thien Mu ( Heavenly Lady) pagoda.
The pagoda covers an area about 4 hectares. There are some note worthy works and objects of value such as the seven-tier Phuoc Duyen tower, which is 21.24 metres high. The bell in tower, called Dai Hong Chung, was cast in the 18th century and was decorated with beautiful patterns. This is a beautiful and romantic pagoda which attracts deeply to all Hue's inhabitants.

1. Where is Thien Mu Pagoda situated ?
A. under a hill
B. on the top of a mountain
C. left bank of the Perfume River
D. right bank of the Perfume River

2. Who was Lord Nguyen Hoang?
A. The founder of the Nguyen dynasty
B. The guardian of Ha Khue Hill
C. One of the Kings
D. The builder of the pagoda

3. What colour were the old lady′s clothes?
A. red
B. brown
C. blue
D. green

4. Why are Thien Mu Pagoda built there?
A. Because is was near Kim Long Village.
B. Because the old lady had appeared there.
C. Because the old lady ordered Nguyen Hoang to do it.
D. Because Nguyen Hoang didn't want to set up his headquarters there.

5. When was the bell in the pagoda cast?
A. In the 18th century
B. In the 17th century
C. In the 16th century
D. In the 19th century
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