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English 12: Unit 5: Higher education

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

A job interview is your chance to show an employer what he or she will get if you are hired. That is why it is essential to be well-prepared for the job interview.
Before the interview, you should gather as much information about the company and the employer as you can. You might prepare for answering questions by listing some of your attributes. You should wear neatly and come on time.
During the interview, you should speak slowly and clearly. Eye contact is very important but make sure it looks natural. People say that body language gives more away about us than speech.
After the interview, don’t neglect the thank-you or follow-up letter. It is your chance to reiterate something you mentioned in the interview or bring up something you forgot to mention.

1. Before the interview, what should you do?
A. speak slowly and clearly
B. gather as much information about the company
C. write a letter of congratulation
D. list some questions

2. Why do you need a job interview?
A. to show an employer what he or she will get
B. to know an employee's ability
C. to find a suitable person
D. all are correct

3. During the interview, how should you speak?
A. slowly and clearly
B. regularly and carefully
C. clearly and fast
D. fast and slowly

4. Why do you send a thank-you letter to a company?
A. to know the company's information
B. to know the interview's result
C. to remind something you mentioned in the interview
D. to show her politeness
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