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English 11: Unit 4: Volunteer work

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. Young college and university students participate in ............... people who have suffered badly in wars or natural disasters.
A. to help
B. help
C. helping
D. helped

2. Big Brothers means ............... .
A. an organization for boys who no longer have father
B. a home of children
C. the name of a club
D. the name of a film

3. ............... his own boss for such a long time, he found it hard to accept orders from other people.
A. To be
B. To having been
C. Being
D. Having been

4. I object to him ............... private calls on the office phone.
A. made
B. be making
C. make
D. making

5. Peter is busy ............... , so he cannot answer the phone.
A. cutting the lawn
B. cut the lawn
C. to cutting the lawn
D. to cut the lawn
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