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Lớp 8: Unit 16: Inventions

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Tim Jones, Hoa′s American pen pal, is visiting a chocolate factory with his class and his teacher, Mrs. Allen. Mr. Roberts, the factory  , is showing them around.
Mr. Roberts: This is where the cacao beans are stored. Now follow me and I′ll show you the first step in the manufacturing  .
Tim: Sam, what do you think this button is for?
Sam: I have no idea.
Mrs. Allen: Tim! Sam! Come here!
Mr. Roberts: Children, don′t touch that button! Now, the   are washed, weighed, and cooked here.
Mrs. Allen: Tim, come and stand beside me. I told you to behave!
Mr. Roberts: After the shells are removed, the beans are crushed and liquified. Cocoa butter is added, along with sugar, vanilla and milk. Then the   is ground, rolled and poured into molds.
Tim: It looks delicious.
Sam: Can we taste any?
Mr. Roberts: Yes, there′s some beside the   belt.

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