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Lớp 11: Unit 11: Sources of energy

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Jennifer: My favourite hobby is making   pots on a potter′s wheel and I like it because it is very creative. It is also something that doesn′t require a lot of thought so I can turn my   off for a while.
Winek: My hobby is collecting CDs. I think I′ve got a couple of hundred of them at home with different types of music, ranging from   music through jazz, pop, to hip hop.
Sarah: My favourite hobby is spending time in my garden. I like looking after my   and my chickens.
Amy: My father has always played the guitar and when I was about oh maybe about eighteen or nineteen, he gave me a guitar and he started to teach me how to play it. And it didn′t take long before I was playing songs by myself and making up songs with friends and just really enjoying it. I really enjoy playing   and the blues on the guitar, but really anything I can sing along to, I really enjoy.
Graham: I′m really interested in sports. I do a lot of different sports. I′m keen on running and I also play football. I also like to go to the  .

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