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English 12: Unit 12: Water sports

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Precautions for Safety: Diving from a Diving board.

- Be sure how deep the water is before you dive.
- Warm your body up before plunging into the water so as to prevent cramp.
- Don’t swim or dive alone.
- Dive with your head up, arms up and extended over your head during dive.
- Don’t drink and dive. The effects of alcohol can be extremely dangerous in diving.

1. What should you do before you dive?
A. to practice breather
B. warm your body up
C. to stand straight
D. test the depth of the water

2. Why do you warm your body up before plunging into the water?
A. to prevent cramp
B. both are incorrect
C. to prevent cold
D. to develop muscle

3. How do you dive?
A. extend over your head during dive
B. all are correct
C. dive with your head up
D. arms up

4. How are the effects of alcohol during dive?
A. extremely dangerous
B. good for your health
C. to show your skill
D. normally
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