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English 11: Unit 3: A party

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

It is Lisa's birthday. She is seven years old today, and her family and friends are at her birthday party. On the table is a birthday cake with seven candles, one for each year. People sing “ Happy Birthday” to Lisa. When they finish singing, Lisa blows out the candles on the cake. Then everybody eats cake and ice cream. After that, Lisa opens her birthday cards and presents. Her family and friends give her toys and clothes for her birthday. In the United States, people of all ages celebrate birthdays. But when an adult has a birthday, there are not a lot of candles on the birthday cake. Many Americans over the age of 30 do not like to talk about their age. Some people joke every year, “I am 29 years old today.” Perhaps they do not want to get any older.

1. How old is Lisa?
A. six
B. eight
C. nine
D. seven

2. Who attends her party?
A. her friends
B. her parents
C. her family and friends
D. her family

3. What do people eat?
A. cake
B. cake and ice cream
C. Fruits
D. noodles

4. Who do not like to talk about their age?
A. Lisa
B. Many Americans over the age of 30
C. Everyone
D. Her Parents
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