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Lớp 8: Unit 13: Festivals

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Liz: Thanks for inviting me to the rice-cooking festival, Ba. Can you explain what is happening?
Ba: Sure. There are three competitions: water-fetching, fire-making and rice-cooking.
Liz: Where does the water come from?
Ba: There′s a river about one kilometer away. One person from each team has to run to the river. There are four bottles of water on the river bank and each runner must take a bottle and return to the starting position.
Liz: That man seems upset. What did he just yell?
Ba: He urged his   to run faster.
Liz: What′s special about the fire-making contest?
Ba: The fire is made in the traditional way. Two team members try to make a fire by rubbing pieces of   together. The winners are the first ones to make a fire.
Liz: I′m interested in the rice-cooking contest, too.
Ba: Six people from each team participate in this event. They have to separate the rice from the   and then cook the rice.
Liz: How do they decide who wins the contest?
Ba: The   try the finished products and the most delicious rice is the winner. Then all the points are added and the grand prize is awarded.
Liz: Is that what is happening now?
Ba: The   leader just said that he was pleased to award the prize to the Thon Trieu team.

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