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Lớp 8: Unit 8: Country life and city life

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Many people from rural areas are leaving behind their   way of life and moving to the city. They believe that well-paying jobs are plentiful in the city.
At home on the farm, life is always a   with nature. Typhoons, floods or   can easily destroy a harvest and leave the farmer with little or no money until the following year. Often farmers look for other work when they need more money for their family.
The increase in population, however, has led to   in many cities. This puts a strain on schools and hospitals, as well as water and electricity supplies. Increased pollution is another unpleasant result.
There is also a human side to this tragedy. Families sometimes have to live apart. In these cases, children may live at home with relatives, while their parents go and live in an   area.
Governments all over the world are trying to provide facilities for these migrants, but it can be quite a problem.

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