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English 8: Unit 10: Recycling

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Miss Blake: Recycling is easy. Remember: reduce, reuse and recycle.
Ba: You’re right. It is not difficult to remember because all the three words begin with the letter R. Can you explain what you mean, Miss Blake?
Miss Blake: Certainly. I am pleased that you want to know more. Reduce means not buying products which are overpackaged. For example, shirts and socks which have plastic and paper packaging.
Hoa: I think I know what things we can reuse.
Miss Blake: Can you tell the class, please?
Hoa: We can reuse things like envelopes, glass, and plastic bottles and old plastic bags.
Miss Blake: That’s right. But instead of reusing plastic bags, we shouldn’t use them at all. We ought to use cloth bags.

1. What are three words of recycling?
A. all are correct
B. reduce
C. recycle
D. reuse

2. What does Miss Blake mean by reduce?
A. buy overpackaged products
B. use nylon products
C. not use fabric products
D. not buy overpackaged products

3. What things can we reuse?
A. plastic bottles
B. all are correct
C. envelopes and glass
D. old plastic bags
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