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Lớp 10: Unit 9: Undersea world

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Jane: Well, we′d better get going, hadn′t we?
Lisa: Already?
Rob: Yeah,  . We′d better avoid the traffic... it can really be bad at this time... It′s been lovely, hasn′t it?
Jane: Absolutely great, yes. Thanks.
Nick: It′s a pity you′ve got to go...
Jane: Well, it′s quite a long journey, so...
Lisa: Okay. Thanks for coming, it′s been great to see you again...
Jane: Oh, it′s been great   you again, too... and thanks to the cook, as well, thanks Nick.
Nick: My pleasure. Any time.
Jane: It was   delicious... wasn′t it?
Rob: Absolutely... and next time, it′ll be our   to cook, won′t it?
Jane: Your turn.
Nick: Well, I look forward to that.
Jane: Sure.
Rob: Come on then, let′s get moving... oh Nick, that was a great barbecue sauce...
Renata: I think that′s everything, isn′t it?
Paul: Yeah, that′s all.
Renata: Good. Thank you. And thanks for bringing me to the airport.
Paul: Oh, that′s all right. My  . And I got you here on time, as well.
Renata: Thank you, I appreciate that. Now where do I go from here?
Paul: Er... I think the check-in′s just   there... do you want me to come with you?
Renata: No, I′ll be fine, thank you. You′ve been a real help, thank you. It was   meeting you, Paul.
Paul: It was nice meeting you, too, Professor Zeller. I   enjoyed your lectures.
Renata: Thank you, Paul. Thanks for everything. See you again sometime.
Paul: I hope so. Safe journey!
Renata: Thank you.

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