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English 7: Unit 9: At home and away

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Mr. and Mrs. Brown lived in a small house near London with their child. Sometimes Mr. Brown came back home from very late, when his wife and the child were asleep. Then he opened the front door of his house with his key and came in very quietly.
One night, he came home at midnight. He lost his key, so when he arrived home, he rang the doorbell. Nothing happened. He rang it again. Again nothing happened. Nobody moved inside the house. Mr. Brown knocked at the bedroom window, he spoke to his wife, he shouted, but she did not wake up. At last he stopped and thought for a few seconds. Then he began to speak like a small child. “Mummy!” he said, “I want to use the bathroom!” He spoke quite quietly but at once Mrs. Brown woke up. Then he spoke to her, and she opened the door for him.

1. How many children did the Browns have?
A. two
B. none
C. one

2. What time did Mr. Brown come home one night?
A. 1 a.m.
B. 12 p.m.
C. 11 p.m.

3. Why didn’t he open the door to come in?
A. He wanted to talk to his wife.
B. He had no key.
C. He wanted to wake up the child.

4. How many times did he try to ring the doorbell?
A. Once
B. Three times
C. Twice

5. How did he wake his wife?
A. He spoke like a child.
B. He shouted.
C. He rang the bell and knocked at the window.
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