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English 12: Unit 16: The association of Southeast Asian nations

Choose the best answer for the following sentences:

1. Stop fighting you two – shake hands and ............... your peace with each other!
A. set
B. do
C. make
D. bring

2. ............... its establishment, the ASEAN Youth Camp has been exposing young people to the arts, crafts, and culture of ASEAN and contributing to the development of future cultural leadership in the region.
A. Due to
B. Because of
C. Since
D. As

3. ............... her vacation, she toured museums in the city.
A. Because
B. During
C. Although
D. While

4. ............... , we started rebuilding the country.
A. When the war was over
B. Before the war was over
C. Since the war was over
D. After the war was over

5. ............... down the central heating if you feel too hot during the night.
A. Would you turn
B. Turn
C. Turing
D. When you return
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