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English 10: Unit 1: A day in the life of...

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

Think about your daily life. Do you follow the same road to work every day? Do you sit in the same place in class? When you get dressed, do you always put the same leg or arm in first? You probably do, because we all have routines in our lives.
Routines save time and energy because you do them without thinking, that's why they are so important in the morning when your brain isn't active. Here's Jo talking about her morning routine.
'Oh yes. I always do exactly the same things. I wake up at seven o'clock every morning, but I don't get up until quarter past seven. I switch on the radio and listen to the news. Then I go to the loo and I brush my teeth. I have a shower and dry my hair. Then I choose my clothes and I get dressed. I don't eat anything for breakfast. I just have a cup of coffee. Then I go to work. Yes, it's always the same.'
Routines are very useful but they also make you uncreative. So sometimes it's a good idea to break your routines. Get out of bed on the opposite side. Listen to a different radio station. Take a different route to work. Eat something different for breakfast. Change your routine. You never know, it could change your life.

1. This passage is mainly concerned with ................
A. changes in our lives
B. our daily activities
C. Jo's timetable
D. our usual ways of doing things

2. According to the passage, routines are useful because ................
A. we can do them in the morning
B. we all have them in our lives
C. they save time and energy
D. they make a habit of never thinking

3. The word ′loo′ can best be replaced with ................
A. sink
B. balcony
C. bedroom
D. toilet

4. What is the main disadvantage of routines?
A. Routines make a habit of never thinking before doing.
B. Routines may change our life.
C. Routines make us unable to create things or to have new ideas.
D. Routines make us do the same things day after day.

5. Which of the sentences is true?
A. People who have routines are unable to think.
B. We shouldn't break our routines.
C. Our lives could be changed if we change our routines.
D. Routines make our brain creative.
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