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Lớp 10: Unit 8: The story of my village

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Travel Agent: Okay, Thanks a lot, bye bye. Hello, how can I help?
Yvonne: Oh, hi. Do you remember me? Yvonne Turner... I booked a holiday with you but I need to change the  .
Travel Agent: Okay. It was Spain, wasn′t it?
Yvonne: That′s right. Nerja, the Vista Mar Hotel. In June.
Travel Agent: Okay. So when would you like to go?
Yvonne: The week starting 8th July, if that′s possible.
Travel Agent: Right. I′ll need to check... Umm, it′s   busy. Yes, it′s completely full in that week.
Yvonne: Oh no! Can you try another one instead?
Travel Agent: We′ve got the Sol Hotel. It′s just a little bit   from the beach. About ten minutes walk. And it′s   cheaper.
Yvonne: Okay. That sounds fine.
Travel Agent: Let′s just check the flights. You want to travel on the 8th? Coming back when?
Yvonne: On the 15th.
Travel Agent: Okay, I′ll just check for you. Okay, there′s a   flight leaving at 11.55 and arriving at 15.35.
Yvonne: Okay, that sounds fine. How much is it?
Travel Agent: I can do it for £320 including taxes.
Yvonne: Okay. What time is the   flight?
Travel Agent: On the 15th, leaving at 16.45 and arriving at London, Gatwick at 18.30.
Yvonne: Okay. I′ll take that.
Travel Agent: Fine, so that′s all  . I′ll refund the difference to your credit card. I′ve got your address, haven′t I? So I′ll send you the new details and your tickets in a couple of days.
Yvonne: Thank you very much. Goodbye.
Travel Agent: Goodbye.

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