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English 10: Unit 13: Films and cinema

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

My first visit to the cinema was a very unhappy one. I was taken there by some friends when I was only seven years old. At first there were bright lights and music and I felt quite happy. When the lights went out, I felt afraid. Then I saw a train on the screen. The train was coming towards me. I shouted out in fear and got down under my seat. When my friends saw me, they started to laugh. I left ashamed and sat back in my seat. I was very glad when the film ended.

1. How did he feel at first?
A. quite unhappy
B. excited
C. sad
D. unhappy

2. How did he feel when the film finished?
A. very sad
B. quite right
C. very unhappy
D. quite happy

3. Who took writer to the cinema for the first time?
A. His parents
B. His friends
C. His parents's friends
D. His father

4. He was frightened when ................
A. the train ran
B. his friends saw him
C. the cinemas had to light
D. there was music
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