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English 8: Unit 1: My friends

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

My best friend in school was Tam. He and I were in Mrs. Loan’s eight grade class, and we became friends then. We often did crazy things in class, but I don’t think Mrs. Loan really got mad at us. For example, Tam had a pet rat. Sometimes he hid it in Mrs. Loan’s desk. Later when she opened the drawer, she always screamed loudly and the class laughed. After two years, Tam’s family moved to another town. We wrote letters to each other for a few years, but then we lost contact. I often wonder what he’s doing now.

1. The writer has ............... best friend(s).
A. many
B. two
C. one
D. few

2. They became friends when they were about ............... years old.
A. thirteen
B. sixteen
C. fifteen
D. twelve

3. What did they often do in class?
A. They often play games in class.
B. They often talk in class.
C. They often play jokes in class.
D. None is correct.

4. When Mrs. Loan saw the rat, she ............... .
A. shouted of fear
B. ran out of the class
C. punished them
D. laughed of joy

5. Which statement is Not Correct?
A. The writer knows what Tam is doing now.
B. They used to write letters to each other a few years ago.
C. Tam’s family moved to another town when he was about fifteen years old.
D. Their teacher was not really mad at them.
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