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Lớp 10: Unit 10: Conservation

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Paul: Morning, hi, sorry, so sorry I′m late...
Renata: That′s okay, no problem.
Paul:... Oh and I was late at the airport as well, wasn′t I? You must think I′m   hopeless... I do apologise.
Renata: Not to worry, let′s get going, shall we?
Paul: Have you had breakfast?
Renata: Yes, I had breakfast  .
Paul: ‘cos I didn′t really have time, I left the house really early... and the traffic was... unbelievable, I forgot it was rush hour, and I was just stuck in this   jam thinking ‘Oh no! I′m going to be late′... and suddenly I   this short cut, just to the left of the cinema, you know there′s a little side road on the left...
Renata: No, I really don′t know the city at all. Shall we...
Paul: Oh, of course not, silly me... well, anyway, I remembered a   cut, you just take this little side road to the left of the Odeon Cinema...
Renata:... and you took that, good... well...
Paul:... but   the short cut wasn′t exactly as I remembered. And I got a bit lost... and well eventually, I ended up going back by the   route...
Renata: Well, never mind, you′re here now. We′d better get started. I have a meeting at...
Paul: Excuse me, I′d   take this. Hello, yeah?... Hi... No... Yeah... why?... did she?... gosh... No... Oh well, don′t worry... What?... Yeah, will do... all right then. Okay, bye... bye mum. Sorry about that. Right are we ready?
Renata: I′m ready, yes.
Paul: Okay, let′s go... Oh, yes. Sorry. Let me take your  .

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