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English 11: Unit 13: Hobbies

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

There are a number of things I like to do in my free time. They are my hobbies.

The hobby I like most is playing my guitar. My uncle, who is an accomplished guitarist, taught me how to play. Now I can play a few simple tunes. I have even begun to sing while playing the guitar, but I have not been very successful at this. My uncle tells me that all I need is to practice regularly and I should be able to do it. He is very good at accompanying people singing with his guitar, and I admire him very much.

Another hobby of mine is keeping fish. I have a modest little glass fish tank where I keep a variety of little fish. Some of them were bought from the shop while some others were collected from the rice field near my house. They look so beautiful swimming about in the tank. I love watching them and my mother loves watching them, too.

1. What is the speaker′s first hobby?
A. playing tennis
B. playing guitar
C. playing basket ball
D. playing football

2. Why does the writer admire his uncle?
A. Since his uncle plays football well.
B. Since his uncle has a great stamp collections.
C. Since his uncle composes song very well.
D. Since his uncle is very good at accompanying people singing with his guitar.

3. What is the writer′s second hobby?
A. collecting stamps
B. playing games
C. composing songs
D. keeping fish

4. How did he collect his fish?
A. Collected from the rice field
B. Both are correct
C. Bought from the shop
D. None of them
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