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English 12: Unit 7: Economic reforms

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

One of the most important measures to be taken to promote the development of a country is to constantly carry out economic reforms. Being aware of this, in December 1986, at its Sixth National Congress, the Vietnamese Communist Party initiated an overall economic reform, commonly known as “Doi Moi” (Renovation). The aim of Doi Moi was to restructure the economy of Vietnam and to raise the living standards of the people. Since Doi Moi, our country has undergone substantial changes: productivity and agricultural exports have constantly increased, the farmers have enjoyed land use rights and have had greater choice on how to use their agricultural land, the workers have worked harder as their time is their money.

1. To promote the development of a country, what must we do?
A. carry out economic reforms
B. upgrade knowledge
C. promote all aspects
D. update new information

2. When did the Vietnamese Communist Party initiate?
A. in September 1986
B. in December 1988
C. in December 1986
D. in October 1987

3. What is the economic reform′s name?
A. Renovation
B. Change
C. Reform
D. Dawn

4. What was the main purpose of “Doi Moi”?
A. to build relationship with foreigner
B. (1)& (2) are correct
C. (2) to raise the living standards of the people
D. (1) to restructure the economy of Vietnam

5. Since Doi Moi, how has our country been?
A. have gone up and down
B. has become better
C. has many changes
D. has undergone substantial changes
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