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Lớp 10: Unit 10: Conservation

Listen to the video and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. I don′t   everything I read in the newspapers because newspapers are sold. And so in order for people to want to buy the news I think that sometimes they will stretch the   and write things to get people′s attention. So I think a lot of the time the news is true but sometimes it′s not well informed.
No, I don′t believe   I read in a newspaper. I worked as a journalist for about a year and I know that sometimes things get rushed and changed in order to make deadline. I used to misquote people by mistake and sometimes I would rush the   that I would write just to get it in on time, and I know my colleagues did that as well. So now I know not to believe everything I read in a newspaper to be true.
I – sometimes I believe everything I read in the newspaper and sometimes I like to get information from different sources. I like to read the newspaper and find out what′s going on from a certain area, but I also like to get a different perspective, so I look  . Sometimes I read papers from Germany or from Great Britain. And this gives me a different perspective on just in general what′s going on in the world and also even where I′m living.
I don′t believe everything I read in the newspaper. Honestly, I very   read the newspaper because whenever I pick up the newspaper there′s always something bad in the news, so – that I notice. I always see a headline – “Something horrible happened here,” or, “This person did this,” and, “This is going on.” And I don′t like to read bad news all the time so I′ve stopped reading the newspaper. Once in a while I′ll pick it up if I′m   and have nothing to do, and want to see what the weather is going to be for the week. And I don′t believe that either. The weather′s usually wrong, so I don′t really read newspapers.
The one thing that I believe from the newspapers are the   results.
I don′t believe anything that I read in the  . Newspapers want you to believe that we landed on the moon and that aliens don′t exist. But I′m pretty sure we didn′t land on the moon. I′m pretty sure aliens do exist.

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