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English 12: Unit 1: Home life

Read the passage and choose the correct answer:

The nuclear family, consisting of a mother and their children may be more an American ideal than an American reality. Of course, the so-called traditional American family was always more varied than we had been led to believe. It reflects the very different races, ethnics, classes and religious customs among different American groups.
The most recent government statistics reveal that only about one third of all current American families fit the traditional mold and another third consists of married couples who have no children living at home. Of the final third, about 20 percent of American households are single people, usually women over 65 years of age. A small percentage, about 3 percent of the total, consists of unmarried people who choose to live together and the rest, about 7 percent, are single, usually divorced parents with at least one child.

1. With what topic is the passage mainly concerned?
A. The nuclear family
B. The ideal family
C. The traditional American family
D. The current American family

2. The author implies that ............... .
A. racial, ethnic and religious groups have preserved the traditional family structure
B. fewer married couples are having children
C. there has always been a wide variety of family arrangements in the United States
D. the ideal American family is the best structure

3. Who generally constitutes a one-person household?
A. A single woman in her late sixties
B. A divorced woman
C. An elderly man
D. A single man in his twenties

4. According to the passage, married couples whose children have grown or who have no children present ................
A. 20 percent of households
B. 4 percent of households
C. 7 percent of households
D. 1/3 percent of households
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