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Lớp 10: Unit 6: An excursion

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Dear Minh,
I′m writing to tell you a  . The first term is coming to an end soon and my school is going to have some days off. On this occasion, my class is visiting some caves near Hanoi as we have recently studied  . Besides, many of us have never been inside a cave, so I suppose the trip will be very interesting.
At first, we wanted to travel to Thay Pagoda because it is only over 20 kilometres away, and we could go on a day excursion.
However, only today have we learnt that the   near Thay Pagoda are closed until after Tet. So we are visiting the ones near Huong Pagoda instead. A night campfire on a two-day trip will be a great event in our schooldays! To make the trip cheap, we are bringing our own food and sharing buses with some other classes.
It is much warmer now. I believe we′re going to enjoy good weather with lots of  .
The only problem I seem to have is getting my parents′ permission. They may not want to let me stay the night away from home. I′ll try to   them.
That′s all for now. Give my love to your parents and sister.

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