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Lớp 11: Unit 7: World population

Listen to the audio and write the missing words in the blanks:

1. Well, there was this one time my mom took me to the salon to get something  , a makeover. We were going to a cousin′s wedding. And at the salon, the hairdresser convinced me to   my hair, to put highlights in my hair, and that′s something I had never done. And being Latina, you know, I have dark features and dark skin tone… It would never be anything I considered on my own. But, finally, she convinced me, and it brightened my appearance. It made me look a little bit more, uh, I think trendy, maybe a little  . And now they grew out, but next summer, I think I′m going to get them done again. I′m going to have my mom come with me and maybe she′ll get them done this time.

Recently, I went to get a haircut. I just… generally, I get the line done around the edge of my hair here. As you can see now, there is no hair, and the reason for that is I went to a familiar place but used an   barber. This gentleman was not as experienced as my usual barber and… didn′t do the exact line that I wanted him to do. By the time I′d figured this out, he′d already taken away so much hair that I just asked him to take the rest of it off. And now I sit before you without any hair.

Well, in the late 80s, the   trend was definitely big hair, so I went right down to the salon to fit in with everyone else, and I got my hair permed, which of course made it a lot bigger than it is now. So I walked around with very  , very big hair. And the fashion then was bangs, which I don′t have any more, but they were here. But they weren′t just straight, they were big. So I walked around with big bangs and big hair for a long time, and I′m   happy that that is not the fashion trend anymore, and it is long, straight hair with no bangs.

I′ve done a lot of things to   my appearance. One of the things I remember most is, uh, when, I was a teenager, I tried to bleach my hair blonde. I thought it was a very cool thing to do, so I′ve always wanted to do it because all the other people looked really good, I think. Uh… When I did it, my parents didn′t like it. My friends thought it was very, uh, very light and made   of me for it. But all that matters is I was very happy with it, and I loved it. I was happy with myself.

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